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MULTI STRONG PLYWOOD has constantly pursued growth in its value as a company. Since our inception, we have achieved steady growth in our core plywood business as well as block boards and flush door business. To meet India's demand for housing and building materials, MULTI STRONG PLYWOOD manufacture quality plywood products in Chandpur Dist. Bijnor (India). MULTI STRONG PLYWOOD personnel stationed in key favorable locations along with our marketing network allow us to procure goods at favorable terms and verify the quality. These resources place us among the leaders in the Plywood business. We offer a much larger product in plywood categories than any of our competitors. Furthermore, in recent years we have been increasing our focus on plywood materials made in India to develop a diverse array of new markets. Exporting plywood, block board and doors are the main activity. Sales of products to homebuilders are growing, too. We are enlarging this business to include everything from plywood to flush doors home building materials.

Being the manufacturers of premium plywood in India, MULTI STRONG PLYWOOD shares the quest for excellence in the Plywood Industry and customer satisfaction has always been its primary goal. Even in an operating environment that is dynamic at a remarkable pace, we MULTI STRONG PLYWOOD remains dedicated to sustained growth as an organization that can accurately meet the needs of customers.

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